Thursday, 5 May 2011

Will. I. AM from BEP appointed Director of Creative Innovation Intel

Intel Teams with, Black Eyed Peas Front Man

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 25, 2011 – He’s best known for being a multi-platinum music artist, producer and front man for The Black Eyed Peas, but is also an innovator, technology fan, entrepreneur and philanthropist. With today’s announcement at the Anaheim Convention Center, the seven-time Grammy winner has added another title to his multi-faceted resume: “director of creative innovation.”

Yes, ladies and gentle men better believed it Will.I.AM , from Black Eyed Peas front man has been appointed  as Director of Creative Innovation Intel corporation. What is most attract my nerve senses is a new term used to describe WILL.I.AM multi talented persona which is "Multi-faceted" . I did want to comment on this new fancy term call multi-faceted, well i thought ..yeah why not? in the era of globalisation we need to come up with something fresh something new to re-brand ourselves. Not because we re 'crazy chasing glamorous' life  a term borrow from direct translated in my mother tongue language "mengejar giler glamer" . Yes we need in deed to brand ourselves by re-define our expertise into words & combination of words that will conclude meaning ...a meaning that surely will give an impact a surprise to people that we know or people that we might know or might encounter in our daily life. 
Ok i give u a clue ...if you're a teacher by practice then at the same time you're a guitar player and same time you're a technology addicted, then u might as well brand yourself as an "Educator and a musician turn technologist" u have a brand play that could easily amaze ur friends and scare ur enemy :) 

"He’s not only a brilliant artist and producer, but also an innovator pushing the bounds of technology professionally and personally. We share a strong interest in innovation around music, art and lifestyle, and are excited to join forces to establish an authentic, emotional connection with consumers.

O.K now we have another fancy term call "emotional connection", why suddenly that u think Intel's was talking about emotional and stuff... was our gadget need to be emotional? is it personal not good enough, that we need to coin a term call "emotional"? yeah...we all have a laptop which is our personal laptop, I-Pod which is also our personal I-POD then why Intel need to use word "emotional connection" to consumers?. Do our laptop need an emotional approaches or maybe our mobile phones need to be emotional also. ??

O.K basicly it's root back to a theory of "Emotion Design", which is if u much interested u can just simply googling "emotional design" or " Donald A. Norman" then u will have a hundreds of information related to "emotional design". But the most essential part that i need to quote here is Apple computer which is Lead by legendary 'Steve Job' and his right-hand man "Bill Buxton" a designer turn technologist turn entrepreneur have done a great jobs by producing an apple product that are so close to users. Why i say this, it's is because any apple product was specially design to be easy accessible to users, simplicity and yet stylistic in it's own way. Yes, Emotion Design theory has been used to ensure Apple product such as I-Phone, I-Pod and laptops have a touch of emotion design to it. Basic example of emotion design that would create 'emotional connection' to users such as the user interface, the content, the colour of product for example ur red i-pod shuffle could be embrace who u are, or maybe indicate what character or personality u re. Even the content creation for example created using a technology that so emotion design that can evoke users emotional connection to other users, as well. So long talking if i need to explain all this but u can just easily googling for more infos.

“compute continuum” vision, visual experiences such as photos, videos and movies are redefining the relationship consumers have with laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices.

so agreed with this statement so meaning full words so powerful impact, the things that i've been talking most to my friends, colleague, and students. I am talking in design language that's shared so many actions to describe this 2 words. Visual experiences, the way we see visuals interact with it, add our icon or avatar to it, or try to visualize our character. 
The way we socialize withing the virtual world and the way we interact each others are so 'leap frogging' nowadays and we even inventing our ways of life by using visual experiences and combine with human technology that applying a theory of emotion design we really 'redefining the relationship' between us with gadget and technology that so us and we even inventing new ways of socializing which is in the end it's come to SOCIAL INNOVATION.

Thursday 5 May 2011, by Ramlan Jantan 
Designer Turn Technologist Turn Anthropologist