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Research has recognized a few suitable methods for promoting living skills courses at UPSI and promoting Social Innovation as well. Based on research findings, research discovers that User Generated Content is the most trusted channel to provide information through World Wide Web. Research found that a person is keener to learn and believe any stories or information if the information came from close friends, family and relative. 

Blogging Is a medium and a change agent’s where living skills program will be expand and even embark into social innovation practice. Every student will be given a task to developing their own personal blog, where in this blog they will write about any activities related to living skills courses and at the same time required to put in any syllabus from living skills program as part of their blog contents. A group of 4 (four) to 5 (five) students will be train to develop a blog, arranging and putting images, pictures and any rich media content. 

Blogging style are not restricted to any standard, and students will are allow to explore and apply creativity as part of theirs design learning process to achieve the learning outcomes from theirs courses. Research has shown that the more the content and design style were arrange towards students personal expression the more genuine the blog will be look alike. This is not only giving the effect of authenticity but it’s also potray a sincere. The sincere and the genuine looks will give long lasting effects of bonding trust between blog followers and readers. The more realist the content, a more real we feel.


 The projects schedule will start in week 3 (tree), where students will be brief about how to come up with a concept for their blog. Students are required to take a photo at Proton City park & lake, and investigate where and how to implement the ideas of living skill practice around the park. Students later on will require to mapping the journey with the methods of “User journey mapping” and “Guardian of customer experience” in a way for them to completely understand what the most needed at the park for the benefit of local community and to the student as well. 

In doing this students will be applying any syllabus of living skills that they learn to socially benefit the local community Local governance and students as well as a part of social innovation. Any stories and photo later will be edited and upload via blog and, students will have an opportunity to explain about their concept, blue print, planning and developing. 


Based on students discovery at the Proton City Park & Lake, based on Sketching user experience method they will apply a stories, a pictures, a mood board or any related digital content to theirs blog. User is open for discussion, comments, critic, picture alteration, concept developing together with student’s assignments. These active social activities are a change agent for social innovation, and will be a ground breaking for new digital cataloging of information, case studies, filed work, observation and survey for education purposes. Any comments and thought from a user will be a collective data that will benefit the faculty and University generally.

Based from these collective data students then are require to sketching a user experience via any medium of design and arts. Participation of user is most encouraged at this phase to ensure the social activities are actively practice.


By week 6 (six)to 10 (ten) student should be able to express their creativity through design development and at the same time theirs blog are expected most active at this time. The faculty or department will play a role to promote a student’s proposal ‘concepts and ideas’ to University management.  


As students update a content on theirs blog, a total participation of local community such as fellow students and University staff will be a trigger for knowledge exchange. The exchange of knowledge and sharing ideas will be consider as part of social innovation strategy where collectively the information exchange will contribute to a data that can be collected for research and educational purposes.

Every comments, critic, and participating from a user/public can be consider as a valuable knowledge exchange that will ensure the success of this project. Research will make an effort to write and to place this information in proper publications as part of research and development for University publications. Faculty entitled for ownership of this publication and sharing ownership with researcher as well.


Strategy and planning will be executed from the early stage to ensure a participation of Multinationals such as Proton Holdings Berhad in future. Proton Holdings Berhad will participate as a mentor for these projects where in future, research will try to get Proton Holdings Berhad involve in Faculty major projects such as living skills exhibition and participation of proton in living skills education. 

Research will propose a strategy where Proton Holdings Berhad can be a co-sponsored for expanding living skills education and participation of Proton Holdings Berhad as a stake holder for subsidiaries company developing an institution for ‘Proton Education’, an example branding name for this moment.

The target is to ensure a sponsored from Proton Holdings Berhad on Faculty research and development in future. These joint venture project will be consider as a leap frog for social innovation, where education and corporate bodies can come together merge as one to support social innovation and sustainability.

By Design Doctore

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